We examine the property from a financial, natural hazard and insurance risk point of view.

We examine the property from a financial, natural hazard and insurance risk point of view. 

From the seemingly innocuous issues to the glaringly obvious concerns, we will present you with a report for you to discuss with both your lawyer and author of your builder’s report that is to be undertaken. We go over the LIM with a fine toothed comb, looking for potential issues from an insurance or financial perspective. Issues that a conveyancing lawyer may not be aware of.

From Coastal Retreat to Rockfall Risk; from ground conditions to the history of the property; from Title ownership model to hazardous activities; and of course – Will the house attract long term affordable insurance cover? - Residential Risk Analysis® Ltd will help you get a thorough understanding of the property you have fallen in love with.

If the home lies within the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence Area or within the area affected by the Kaikoura Earthquake; we will also closely inspect all damage and reinstatement reports provided as well as other pertinent databases.

Additionally, the property will be appraised with the Sum Insured policies in mind. Any special features or areas of concern for securing an insurance policy; or what may be problematic at claim time, will be noted.


Naturally, a cheery hello is a good way to start and if you happen to live in Christchurch, meeting over coffee (a cold latte with ice, thanks!) is a perfect beginning. However, if you are a very busy person, or live far, far away – email is also good.

We listen as you tell us about that perfect house you’ve just fallen in love with and then we have a chat about what to expect. For those of you simply too busy to meet, we write it here….


We will give you a Terms of Agreement form to be read, signed and returned.


On receipt of the signed form and $287.50 paid, we will proceed to analyse all documents
provided and gather all relevant information from our library of databases.


3 – 5 working days later, we will contact you to let you know the report is ready.


The final instalment of $287.50 is paid and we can meet again to discuss the report. A soft copy is also emailed along with any relevant attachments. (Alternatively, if you are too busy, we can simply email the report and any relevant attachments).


Two weeks later, we will email you to see the outcome of your due diligence (did you go through with the purchase, or not.) This is an excellent opportunity to offer feedback to us.


  • We do not assess the physical aspects or structural integrity of any improvements (dwelling, garages,retaining walls…etc) on site. A builder’s report should be commissioned in conjunction with our risk report.
  • We do not give financial advice.
  • We do not give legal advice.

Is your future investment a sound one?


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