For Consultancy or Speaking requirements, please email Melissa or call the office on 027 226 0738 to discuss your needs.


If you would like a Risk Assessment completed for a home you are interested in, please contact Melissa. She will then discuss with you what can happen next – usually meeting for a coffee if you’re in Christchurch, particularly if you have hard copy documents for review.

The fee is $500 + GST ($575) per report.

We endeavour to have a turn around of 5 working days once all available data from the vendor or Real Estate agent has been passed to us.

Payment is in two parts. 50% ($287.50) paid when the Terms of Agreement for the commission of the report is signed; and the remaining 50% ($287.50) paid when the report is ready to be presented.

Disbursements required for out of town travel, and access to data not normally included, will be charged additionally but you will be advised of these extra costs in advance.


After analysing the available data, do you make a recommendation whether we should purchase the house or not?

No. Only you can decide whether to buy the house. We make a series of observations and point out areas of concern for you to discuss with your lawyer or other professional advisers.

Do you need access to the house we are enquiring about?

It depends. Usually, we don’t need to visit but if retaining walls and special features like swimming pools are involved, we may need to sight these for completion of the report.

We have had really short notice of a house we really want to buy. Do you do an express service?

This can be considered on a case by case basis. An additional express service fee may be charged.

We would like you to come to the house with us when we view. Is this possible?

This can be considered on a case by case basis. Additional fees may apply. However, please note that we do not comment on the structural integrity or condition of the home unless there are obvious insurance implications – for example: deferred maintenance and gradual damage. We are happy to point out physical and visual evidence of areas of concern for you to pursue with the appropriate professional. This service is over and above the standard report service.

Contact Melissa or call the office on 027 226 0738 to discuss your needs.


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