Melissa is available for consultancy work and as a speaker.

Melissa has a unique understanding on how ownership model and new insurance limitations can impact on planning and understanding the risks for the residential built environment.

Whether working out the next steps in the face of Climate Change challenges on existing infrastructure and investments; or developing new subdivisions as demand requires, the new insurance regime combined with future proofing for an uncertain environment needs to be incorporated into planning and response plans for the long term success of the project.

With the ongoing transfer of risk from insurer to the property owner, resale values of dwellings are up in the air as comprehensive cover becomes more expensive or not offered.

Councils are now vulnerable to litigation from homeowners who find their greatest investment is no longer viable, either through the ravages of Climate Change impacts such as flooding, inundation or erosion, or insurers declining to cover inevitable risks such as wildfire or earthquakes.

This litigation is brought under the torts of nuisance or negligence – “You knew about these risks but didn’t tell me” or “You knew about these risks but let the development happen anyway”.

Property developers who don’t consider the long-term viability of the project to cope with disaster may find assumed values of the dwellings may not materialise as prospective buyers are unable to secure long term insurance.

Residential Risk Analysis Ltd® has created a system of evaluation of risk to homes from environmental, legal, financial and insurable perspective, giving planners an excellent understanding of any potential impacts on home owners.

Contact Melissa on 027 226 0738 or email her at to discuss how she can help you make the right next steps in your planning project.


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