Residential Risk Analysis is the first company in New Zealand to focus on the risks a property may have for the potential purchaser. The company is working with Governmental Departments, Councils, Engineers and Academics to develop a nationwide programme to assess ALL homes for their risk profile - physical, financial and insurable.

Residential Risk Analysis Ltd was initially created in response to the awareness of home purchases that have gone seriously wrong for buyers in the Post-earthquake environment of Christchurch, but it quickly became apparent that there were more widespread problems throughout New Zealand – namely Climate Change, increased seismicity and a rapidly changing home insurance regime.

Residential Risk Analysis Ltd is here to make sure that home you are looking to buy will be a wise purchase - and not one that could fuel the biggest headache of your life in a few months or years’ time.

About our Director, Melissa Heath

Melissa is a Qualified Insurance Professional and spent nearly a decade in the Insurance industry.

For seven years, Melissa had intensive hands-on experience in Disaster Recovery and led the largest team settling the eye wateringly complex Shared Property claims following the Christchurch Earthquake Sequence, which included picking apart the unending challenges of Multi Unit Building ownership and relationship issues; pioneering new ways of settling claims and liaising with Governmental and private agencies as well as working pragmatically with other insurance companies.

After the Kaikoura Earthquake, Melissa spent five weeks immediately after the event in the badly affected South Marlborough region initiating contact with isolated policy holders and developing contacts with council, non-profit support organisations, Loss Adjustors and other suppliers. She subsequently led the team settling claims in the Marlborough/Nelson region for the Kaikoura event.

After these seven years of experience, including floods, storms and fires; and the fundamental changes to Home Insurance, Melissa had identified shortfalls in protections available to buyers hoping to buy properties and was able to identify the numerous risks that can impact on a home, its resale value and insurability.

Realising just how easy it is to be underinsured, drove Melissa to do something about it and help prevent heartache for home owners and potential buyers.

With her free time, Melissa volunteers 6 hours or more a week at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Christchurch Hospital, writes wedding and funeral ceremonies for charity, administers the Pauwels Flying Scholarship and even manages to find time to be with her partner, grown daughters and two geriatric cats.


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