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Take a look at some of the issues surrounding home ownership, including the risks (both financial and material) and the insurances involved.

NB – It’s bleak out there so cuddle up with a steaming hot chocolate and a freshly made muffin.

As you sit indoors and wonder where our usually wonderful weather has gone, cast your eye around your garden and check on your boundary fences and retaining walls. What condition are they in? Are you looking to buy a hillside property that might have retaining walls? Unlike ...
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NB: A large cappuccino (pudding in a cup) and some banana bread is required for this post. Having looked at your Title and Diagram, as recommended in the last post; or having driven up and down a long shared driveway for the last fifteen years; it is time to consider the imp...
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NB: An iced tea and macaron should do the trick. As you sit and browse through this website, take a moment to think about your home (if you own it). What exactly do you own? What are you actually insured for? In later posts, I will go into the different types of ownership in...
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Coastal Retreat

February 19, 2018
NB: this is a Short Black and one biscuit post. With so many topics to talk about, I might as well discuss the one that has been in the news so frequently of late. Coastal Retreat, the orderly withdrawal from coastal lands as residential areas. These are dirty words for thos...
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What’s this blog about?

February 9, 2018
NB: Grab a large coffee and a big slice of calorific cake before reading… Residential Risk is a consideration that has, at times, been studiously avoided by those who have formed an emotional connection with a house they are looking to buy.Location, location, location...
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