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The Home Insurance regime in New Zealand that was so easy and covered everything is now a thing of the past and more of the burden to be responsible for risk has now passed to the home owner. 

As Climate Change tightens its grip, seismicity increases and risk awareness grows at insurer level, more and more New Zealand homes are becoming too expensive to insure, or simply can’t secure insurance cover at all.
A home that may attract insurance cover today, may be too expensive to insure in a couple of years’ time.

Many home sales are concluded on an unbalanced measure of trust and incomplete understanding of the risks imposed on the home buyer.

Sometimes with stomach churning results. But not anymore.

Residential Risk Analysis Ltd can step in and help with your due diligence.

The ‘She’ll be right’ era is over, and homeowners now take responsibility for the risk and insurability of their homes.

Although insurance policies in New Zealand remain some of the best in the world for broad coverage, this can no longer be taken for granted as re-insurers take a closer look at New Zealand’s risk rating.

New Zealand has taken a fair whack recently from earthquakes, fires, storms, landslips and flooding.

Currently there is no mechanism in place to help current owners of vulnerable real estate to get out of harms way or be able to abandon their greatest investment and these homes are now heart aching liabilities for the owners. But home buyers can be saved from future grief or financial ruin.

To protect your financial wellbeing and your greatest assets, it’s now high time to make sure due diligence on a residential property purchase takes in a lot more that a title search, a check on the local school and amenities in the area.

Take a look at how Residential Risk Analysis Ltd can help you now.

Don't let your greatest asset turn into your greatest liability.


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